Gardening used to be such a demanding hobby! You needed lots of spare time, good weather, a pair of rubber gloves and, of course, a garden. Now, the problems are all solved, because instead of a garden, you can grow plants on your bike and take them inside whenever it rains. Plus they are small, so it takes only a few seconds to trim and water them and the mess is reduced to a minimum.
The most amazing part is that these wearable flower pots are gorgeous and make your bike look even cooler!

Alwearable bike plants bag wearable bike plants neck wearable bike plants neck2 wearable bike plantsl you have to do is make sure you don’t hit any bumps while pedaling, otherwise you might see you beautiful plants flying through the air and it would be such a shame!
The other great news is that you can wear your plants even if you don’t have a bike! Because the US based designer also created earrings, pins, necklaces and bag badges in the shape of mini-flower pots.

You can find the entire collection here.
They ship all over Europe, Canada and US. All we need now is a smartphone app to remind us to water the plants!