Hacoa is a world famous Japanese company specialized in designing and producing luxury wooden peripherals. It is their way of saying NO to plastic mass produced elements and reminding the consumers that nature always has the best solutions.

This keyboard got our attention because it is not only gorgeous, but also looks very comfortable, a pleasure to touch with your fingertips every second of your computer spent time!

Each of these Ki-Boards is hand carved by a Japanese master craft man who spends an entire day choosing the right pieces of wood and then carving and polishing them to perfection. The keyboard comes in walnut and maple nuances and is compatible through USB to any PC. The letters and signs are all engraved, so they don’t wear off in time. All the 89 keys are carved from the same panel of wood, so when put together in the keyboard, the natural pattern of the wood flows flawlessly.

You can buy this beautiful wooden keyboard here.

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