Some of the most beautiful luxury objects are discreet and simple.
The San Francisco based watch company Xetum is worldwide appreciated for its exquisite timepieces, outstanding due to their clean modern design state of the art swiss mechanisms. Founder Jeff Kuo is a longtime wristwatch and design aficionado who started Xetum after having been unable to find a watch that was both of modern design and with Swiss mechanical components for an accessible price.
The most recent Xetum collection is the most minimalist of all. After a series of aviation inspired dials, the Kendrick brings simple automotive-like dials. The three models in the collection show only the time and the date.

Kendrick is the first Xetum collection that bears some color (the others are variations of black nd white only): the teal dial, and the red and teal wrist bands.
The fun part of owning such a simple deluxe watch is that you can wear it to a mid day pool party AND to a red-carpet event. It will look perfect in any situation, because minimalist design is always versatile.
They are available for sale here.