We love this new Spring 2013 Falabella tote bag by Stella McCartney not only because it’s so crazy colored and interestingly named (Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Tote Bag), but mostly because it is one of the most versatile bags ever designed.

The Falabella can be carried on the shoulder as a fold over bag, or on the arm, as a handheld tote. There are several colors for this model (red, salmon, grey, metallic, black), so you can match them with your favorite La Strada ice cream.

It is made out of faux leather with silvery hardware. It is perfect for a spring/summer afternoon, Falabella in one hand, a pistachio La Strada Ice cream in the other (if you chose the mustard Falabella).

You can buy the Falabella here.

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